One of the greatest nights in most teenagers' lives is prom night, one of those last hoorah celebrations you have with your closest and most distant classmates as you all prepare to graduate and go off into your separate paths. Dressing up in the most stylish dresses and suits for the night as you took pictures, danced, and enjoyed refreshments. It's the only high school dance that EVERYONE wanted to go to.

I didn't even mention the preparation that goes into a prom night. The committee has to find a venue, DJ, and many other things before selling tickets. Then everyone has to get their proposals together and once they find dates it's time to go suit/dress shopping, find a car for the night, dinner reservations, and corsages. That's not even counting things like hair/haircut, makeup, nails, etc. With all of that being said, I hope you're all ready, because it's the adults' turn.

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Saturday, November 12th, the Performance Fieldhouse in Paw Paw will be hosting an 80's Themed Adult Prom from 8 p.m. to midnight as a fundraiser. The proceeds will go towards the Paw Paw Area Chamber Scholarship while the remaining cash will go to the Performance Fieldhouse.

Tickets are only $20 and can be found on

Not only will DJ Studio One be spinning the turntables and playing all the throwback 70s and 80s hits, but there will also be live entertainment. The Strum, Dumb, and Dumber band will be playing live at some point in the night to give DJ Studio One a break to enjoy himself as well.

In addition to music, there will also be local restaurants providing refreshments, the best couple competition, a vote for king and queen, and a memory wall for attendees to bring their own throwback 80s prom pictures.

This could be the perfect date night to spark your relationship or it could be a wonderful trip down memory lane. It could be a chance for those who never attended prom to go themselves.

I don't really see this as having a negative reason to exist, I'm thinking about dusting off the suit myself and popping out.

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