You may find the 6 most googled questions about Kalamazoo surprising.  We'll attempt to answer them below.

An easy way to find out what the most googled questions are in your area is starting typing a question and check out the suggested search questions.

For example, if you type "is Heather McGr..." this will happen:

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall


Today I typed "is Kalamazoo..."  and below are the 6 top suggested searched followed by our answers...because we know things.

#1.  "is Kalamazoo water safe to drink"
YES, according to,

Every year, the City of Kalamazoo publishes a Water Quality Report in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. However, much of the information provided in this report, along with additional monitoring and testing conducted throughout the year, are provided as an extra service to our customers. The City is also in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act Lead & Copper Rule and has had a proactive annual lead and copper service replacement program for over twenty years. The City's laboratory also offers free water testing for concerned customers by calling (269) 337-8550.

#2.  "is Kalamazoo safe"
Yes.  However, there are 5 good places in Kalamazoo to get punched in the face.

#3.  "is Kalamazoo liberal"
Maybe.  Generally speaking college towns usually lean liberal.  In fact, even though Trump won Michigan in the 2016 presidential election he lost Kalamazoo County.

#4.  "is Kalamazoo a good place to live"
Yes!  Specially if you like to get your drink on.

#5.  "is Kalamazoo college a good school"
Yes.  In fact, Kalamazoo College was recently ranked 2nd best liberal arts college in Michigan.

#6.  "is Kalamazoo a real place"
People are really still asking this question?

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall


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