Friday June 21st is 'National Take Your Dog To Work Day' are you prepared?

When I first started at my current job I was excited to discover that in our building we have a dog friendly environment. Employees are more then welcome to have their pups join them for a day at work, but I was unprepared and the day turned out to be stressful.  At one point, my dog peed in our Presidents office right in front of her...(not the best first impression).

With National Take Your Dog To Work Day, I discovered 5 tips from to help make your pet experience at the office fun for you and your dog.

1. Bring a cozy bed (or two) from home. With all the excitement of the day, your dog will need a comfortable place to relax. Bringing their bed or favorite blanket, it will remind them of home as they rest.

2. Puzzle toys are great, and treats are a must. Squeaky toys are a no-no in the office. The sounds could be bothersome to other employees as they are trying to get work done. A great toy to bring along is a KONG, stuffed with their favorite treat.

3. Have plenty of water. Make sure to bring your pups water bowl, and keep it filled. When a dog is stressed they enjoy a lick of water.

4. Take lots of potty breaks. Because your pet is in a new environment, the urge to mark  their territory could be strong. Walking them gets the hyper energy out along with any piddle.

5. Be prepared for distractions. More people may be stopping by your work area to meet your dog, you have to take more breaks for walks, and honestly, the pup will vie for your attenuation.

National 'Take Your Dog To Work Day' has only been around since 1999, and with each year it has gotten more popular! Check with your boss, and see if you and your fur baby can take part in this fun event.

Have a fun doggie day!

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