I will never believe that romance is dead. Here are 5 sweet ways to give your love a great Valentines Day.

Sometimes the smallest gesture is the greatest and most romantic. Here are 5 ways to show your love....

Ice Skating At Millennium Park In Portage

What a cute, classic way to spend sometime with the one you adore. Open skate is only $4.00 and skate rental is $3.00

A Carriage Ride In Downtown Marshall With The Marshall Carriage Co.

The cost can very but the wonder and beauty of downtown Marshall will be worth every penny. Plus, you date might snuggle a tad closer.

Wine Tasting At Cody Kresta Winery In Mattawan

The winery is very elegant, and the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine as you gaze into your beloved eyes.

A Walk On The Beach In Grand Haven

You only have to pay for gas and I bet you and lovely will have a great conversation (and maybe even some hand holding).

An Ice Cream Cone From The Spirit Of Kalamazoo

Give your sweet a sweet with a cone of their choice.

Showing the one you love how important they are doesn't have to really pricey or over the top. It can simple and lovely.

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