If a women wins the Presidency of The United States of America, what do we call her husband?

Bill Clinton/youtube
Bill Clinton/youtube

Would he be the "The First Man", "The First Gentleman", or maybe if he is really cool, "The First Dude". In any case, I looked it up on line at theguardian.com and they said it basically would depend on if the husband had held an official title in the past, that would determine his title.

Whoever that "Fist Man" (the simplest way to refer to him) is, he joins an interesting cast of charters, America's First Ladies. neatorama.com, legendsofamerica,com, Bio.com and mentalfloss.com and some really incredible facts...

Here Are 10 Things You Not Know About America's First Ladies...

  1. First Lady Margaret Taylor (wife of President Zachary Taylor) was the first President's wife to be accused of murder. When her husband suddenly passed away, she refused to have the body embalmed. This was an odd request, and a rumor quickly spread that she poisoned him. It was not until 1991 that her name was cleared and the rumors put to rest.
  2. First Lady Julia Dent Grant (wife of President Ulysses S. Grant) was extremely cross eyed. Due to that condition she had a difficult time walking forward, so at White House events she walked sideways so not to embarrass herself.
  3. First Lady Nancy Reagan (wife of President Ronald Reagan) lost her fiance when he was hit by a train.
  4. First Lady Sarah Polk (wife of President James Polk) forbid dancing, and card playing at the White House.
  5. First Lady Lucy Webb Hays (wife of President Rutherford B Hays did not allow alcohol in the White House, earning her the nick name "Lemonade Lucy".
  6. First Lady Dolley Madison (wife of President James Madison) was the first President's wife to have a wedding at the White House. It was for her widowed sister Lucy Payne Washington to Supreme Court Justice Thomas Todd
  7. First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln (wife of President Lincoln) was a shopaholic. At one point she even sold manure from the White House to pay off her debts in hopes Abe would not find out.
  8. First Lady Frances Folsom Cleveland (wife of Grover Cleveland) was the only First Lady to be married at the White House
  9. First Lady Letitia Tyler (wife of President John Tyler) was the first President wife to die in the White house.
  10. First Lady Jane Pierce (wife of President Franklin Pierce) started the tradition of having a Christmas Tree at the White House.

Makes you wonder what the tales of the "First Man" will be.


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