As we are still continuing our 31 in 31 countdown of a scary/ Halloween movies every night of the month, I figured I'd put together a list of some awesome scary movies that have Michigan roots to them. Michigan is no stranger the paranormal, considering how many urban legends are said to inhabit our state. Michigan is home to some pretty spooky stuff, but also home to some pretty spooky people. Even during a pandemic, horror movies in Michigan have proven to thrive.

Earlier this year, Michigan-born independent filmmakers Brett and Drew Pierce released their low-budget, Michigan-made horror film, The Wretched, which topped the domestic box-office charts for five straight weeks. In just one month, it grossed $864,494, and that was just in the drive-in theatres. Much like the great Evil Dead, which started its humble beginnings in the same place in the early 80's, then grew to be one of the most respected horror films of all time.

So let's take a look at those and some other interesting spooky movies and how they're tied to not only Michigan, but the SWMI and Kalamazoo area as well:

10 Spooky Movies With Michigan Ties

There are lots of other films out there who have Michigan ties as well outside and inside of the horror genre. I hope we continue to be a solid influence.

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