As we are finally in the Halloween spirit and into the month of October, I say let the spookiness begin. All month long I plan on celebrating with scary movies, creepy decorations, Halloween music and of course, a trip to Hell. No, not that Hell. I'm talking about the little town of Hell, MI. Hell is an unincorporated community in Livingston County. As an unincorporated community, Hell has no defined boundaries or population statistics of its own. In fact, you can become mayor of Hell for one night this month, no joke!

Speaking of Hell, don't you just love scary movies? They seriously are the best especially when you're trying to get in the spirit of Halloween. So I've assembled a list of 31 movies to watch as we count down the scariest and most fun night of the year. Feel free to participate and let me know what you think of any of the movies by texting us on the FREE 1033KFR app:

October 1st: The Nightmare Before Christmas
October 2nd: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
October 3rd: My Name Is Bruce
October 4th: Edward Scissorhands
October 5th: Beetlejuice
October 6th: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
October 7th: Us
October 8th: Silent Hill
October 9th: Nightmare On Elm St.
October 10th: Coraline
October 11th: IT
October 12th: Friday The 13th
October 13th: The Evil Dead
October 14th: Evil Dead 2
October 15th: Bruce Campbell VS The Army of Darkness
October 16th: Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror
October 17th: Halloween
October 18th: The Witches
October 19th: Little Shop of Horrors
October 20th: Frankenweenie
October 21st: Ready Or Not
October 22nd: Young Frankenstein
October 23rd: Rocky Horror Picture Show
October 24th: Get Out
October 25th: They Live
October 26th: Don't Breathe
October 27th: The Shining
October 28th: Sleepy Hallow
October 29th: Hellraiser
Devil's Night: The Exorcist
Halloween: Hereditary

Good luck with those last two...

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