It is surprising if you consider the price of these devices and today's technology that we can not choose different voices for Alexa.  But if we could, what famous voice would you choose?

My first suggestion was Mr. T.  Imagine asking, "Mr. T...what's the weather like today?" Alexa/Mr. T responds, "Look out the window fool!"  OK, Mr. T may not be the most timely suggestion.  We posed this question to West Michigan on Facebook.

Here are the Top 10 Celebrity Voices That Should Replace Alexa according to West Michigan:

#10  Mathew McConaghy

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#9  Bobcat Goldthwait

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#8  Shemar Moore

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#7  Oprah

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#6  Christopher Walken

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#5  Samuel L Jackson

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#4  Sam Elliott

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#3  James Earl Jones

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#2  Liam Neeson

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#1  Morgan Freeman

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Not a huge surprise that Morgan Freeman grabs the top spot.  So, how long will it take for Amazon to figure this technology out?  We're ready!

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