Sorry, HUH? Someone is offering money to go live on an island? This sounds like a dream come true! Or that ridiculous party game, Desert Island. Need a reminder? Perfect. I'm always looking for a chance to bring up moments from NBC's The Office. Here's an example of the game.

Despite my disbelief, this is a legitimate offer.

Rabbit Island is calling for artists to apply for their 2021 Residency Program. Artists who are chosen will live and work on the unsettled island for 2-4 weeks. There, they'll be,

engaging directly with the landscape, responding to notions of conservation, ecology, and sustainability via their research and cultural practices.

The program will take place somewhere between June and September and only 3 applicants will be chosen.

Now, for the money. Applicants will be awarded an honorarium of $3,200 which they'll be able to use as they please. For example, previous residents have used their honorarium for travel expenses, materials or to even facilitate research.

If you'd like to apply here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • you must be 21 years old as of January 1st, 2021
  • applications are open to individuals worldwide
  • small groups of 2-3 people may also apply for a single shared residency
  • applications are open to all artists, not just visual. That applies to architects, designers, musicians, filmmakers, composers, choreographers, writers and poets.

You can find all the details for what's expected in the program here, on Rabbit Island's website, or on their Facebook page.

An artist I may not be, but there is something so inviting about escaping to an island for just a little while. Away from the noise, away from the distractions of day to day life, away from social media...and I'm sure that's even more important for an aspiring artist.

The deadline to apply is March 14th. If you do decide to apply, best of luck to you!

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