According to one listener who is an attorney, it's true.

During "Weird News" yesterday on the Morning Mayhem, we talked about a story from Journal Star about a guy who is addicted to hiding under cars and grabbing women's feet.  He is a 20-year-old guy named Jesse Johnson from Lincoln, Nebraska and he says, "I just have this weird addiction and odd behavior.  I don't know why." 

He was busted for grabbing a woman's feet outside a grocery store last week and that was the third time he's been busted this year.  He was also arrested for it last year and got a fine, and he was busted for it in 2014 too.  He says he wants to get counseling, but he has trouble paying for it.  Most of the time he just gets a ticket for disturbing the peace, but now that it's such a pattern he might be looking at jail time.

Look at John's response to this story on the KFR Facebook page:

You can get a misdemeanor for even TICKLING someone?!  Try explaining that to a future employer :P

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