Considering we live in Michigan, we may as well embrace the fact that we are gonna get snow and lots of it. I was excited to see that we were actually gonna have a white Christmas this year. It always makes for a nice winters' night walk or a hike through the woods. But just exactly how much snow did we get this past week?

I don't know the exact measurement off hand, but I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. This one, in particular, was posted by Ellen Bacca, a meteorologist for WOOD-TV:

Instagram VIA EllenBacca
VIA Instagram

This satellite picture taken recently shows Michigan absolutely destroyed with snow. You can barely even make out where our state is. The whole left side of the state looks like a mountain range with the amount of build-up. It almost looks like our state is about to crack.

We should be prepared for more pictures like this because it isn't the last of the snow, that's for sure. If you have some awesome winter shots of Michigan, make sure you post them in the comments section of Facebook.

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