Figg's Fast Food has set plans for reopening in 2021. The question came up on the Battle Creek-based Carryout Club group on Facebook.

A member of the family offered this update:

Figgs Fast Food is Closed for the season. Will reopen in June

Wonderful news for those who know and love. Activity at the restaurant you may have seen driving by along Hamblin and Angell was the owners sprucing up and remodeling a bit.

Figg's is a tragically overlooked gem in the city. Google reviews, which are almost universally 5-star offer tips from those in the know:

Don't be fooled by the looks of this place. It is Yum yum and more yum. Perfect spot for some very on point American grub. We had the rib tips that are in a Hawaiian punch tasting sauce. Tons of them for the 8.50 cost. Worth the purchase. The fig burger is an absolute giant sloppy delicious creation. Along with the size of the double cheeseburgers. They came with the works. We couldn't eat it in one sitting.

For a price that can't be beaten and quick, courteous service, along with some of the best "fast" food my companion and I have had in a good while--visit Figgs, the tiny little red place. A fantastic joint with a variety of grilled and slow-cooked comfort foods. Don't let the appearance throw you off.

Ordered the Figg burger and fries, DELICIOUS! The burgers are quite large, about the size of my hand. Flavored very nice, fast and friendly service.

So when the calendar rolls around to June, expect a true Battle Creek original to be back to serving their well known burgers and barbeque.

Figg's deserves its moment in the sun on the Food Network. Here are several restaurants that have been:

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