But...but it's only October!

One Snow-Capped Orange Pumpkin

Winters in Michigan are harsh...or so every person I've ever known has told me. It's the main thing they said to me when I announced my move from Florida to Kalamazoo. However, I thought I had a little more time!

As reported by MLive.com, northern Michigan got a taste of snow last night. Cue my immediate panic. There was enough snow for a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Gaylord to build a tiny snow man which was then posted on their Facebook page.

Tiny Snowman


Okay...but maybe it was a fluke. A one time weird weather thing? Nope. On that same post Jeremy wrote,

I had light flurries this morning from Gaylord to Petoskey. There was no mistaking it was snow

And he's not alone. Josh K also commented,

Walton Junction snow covered ground I’ll take a pic when I get out of bed lol

In fact, that post has nearly 80 comments all of which report snow in different parts of northern Michigan. 😲 Apparently, it didn't stick to the ground but still...it's getting real!

As for Kalamazoo, I searched on almanac.com which says we shouldn't be getting snow until the beginning of November which is right around the corner. And...it may be a harsh one. It turns out there's a list of Old Wives' Tales that can predict whether or not it's going to be a bad winter. One of them includes seeing animals that are a little...plump. And I'm sorry to say that according to a fellow Kalamazoo resident, all the animals she's seen are looking a little rotund. Oh boy.

If you believe in those Old Wives' Tales read through the rest of them! Let me know if you spot signs of them being true because...I think I'm prepared to tackle winter but one can always use an excuse to buy more sweaters, right?

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