There's a billboard on display in Southwest Michigan that might just get your attention. It simply asks "Who is Denise?"

The billboard pictured above is on Dickman Road in Battle Creek - well, technically, Springfield.

So just who is Denise?

We don't know at this point. There's no indication as to who paid for the billboard. It may be an attention getting campaign run by the billboard company, Adams Outdoor, who earlier in 2017 ran a campaign of obscure symbols that eventually spelled out the phrase "Out There Thinking." We can't help but notice a very similar red and white color scheme to the "Denise" billboard to the "Out There Thinking" billboards.

So is this similar or is there a something more mysterious going on with Denise in Southwest Michigan?

Or it could be this: Denise is a 1963 Doo-Wop song by Randy and the Rainbows. Maybe. But probably not.

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