Forget the chips and dip this Superbowl Sunday, and grab a bowl!

According to Goggle released the most uniquely-searched Super Bowl recipes in all 50 states. So no matter what party you attend, in which ever state, here is what you can look forward too...

Alabama: Chicken
Alaska: Dill pickle dip with dried beef
Arizona: Green chicken enchilada
Arkansas: Five bean chili
California: Fried rice
Colorado: Baked chicken wings
Connecticut: Buffalo chicken dip
Delaware: Stuffed peppers
District of Columbia: Pizza bites
Florida: Shrimp
Georgia: Ham bologna turkey sub
Hawaii: Nacho
Idaho: Potato
Illinois: Philly cheesesteak
Indiana: Chicken
Iowa: Stromboli
Kansas: Calzone
Kentucky: Fondue
Louisiana: Pork tenderloin
Maine: Chicken wing
Maryland: Chili
Massachusetts: Chili
Michigan: Chili
Minnesota: Chili
Mississippi: Green beans with beef broth
Missouri: Chili
Montana: Bacon shrimp
Nebraska: Cream cheese jalapeño hamburger
Nevada: Potato
New Hampshire: Chicken wing
New Jersey: Buffalo chicken dip
New Mexico: Ranch spinach dip
New York: Chili
North Carolina: Jalapeño poppers
North Dakota: Pizza sauce
Ohio: Philly cheesesteak
Oklahoma: French onion cream dip
Oregon: Clam chowder
Pennsylvania: Chili
Rhode Island: Baked ziti
South Carolina: Crab dip
South Dakota: Marinara sauce
Tennessee: Jalapeño poppers
Texas: Chili
Utah: Jalapeño poppers
Vermont: Chicken breast tender
Virginia: Buffalo chicken dip
Washington: Jalapeño popper
West Virginia: Pork carnitas tacos
Wisconsin: Chili
Wyoming: Ground beef

I love that most likely this weekend in the Mitten State you will be savoring chili! With all the snow, and the flu nipping at everyone's heels, it will be the perfect football snack to warm us all up!

If you have a great chili recipe, I would love a copy of it!

Have a super Superbowl Sunday!


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