Nick Baumgartner has competed in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics, this year he is going for the gold!

Nick Baumgartner was born and raised in Iron River Michigan, and from a young age LOVED sports.

Before Nick became an Olympic Snowboarder and World Champion he was an All-American Wrestler and in fact, in 2000 he was the High School Wrestling State Champion.

That was mostly likely one of the first major titles this athlete won but it certainly was not his last!

Olympic Experience

  • Two-time Olympian (2010, 2014)
  • Sochi 2014, 25th (snowboardcross)
  • Turin 2010, 20th (snowboardcross)

World Championship Experience

  • Most recent: 2017 – 4th (snowboardcross)
  • Years of Participation: 2009, 2013, 2015, 2017
  • Medals: 2 (2 bronze)
  • Bronze – 2009, 2015 (snowboardcross)

  • 2017 FIS World Cup Standings, 9th (snowboardcross)
  • 2016 FIS World Cup Standings, 6th (snowboardcross)
  • 2013 FIS World Cup Standings, 5th (snowboardcross)
  • 2012 FIS World Cup Standings, 7th (snowboardcross)
  • 2012 X Games Aspen, silver (snowboardcross)
  • 2011 FIS World Cup Standings, 6th (snowboardcross)
  • 2011 X Games Aspen, gold (snowboardcross)
  • 2010 FIS World Cup Standings, 5th (snowboardcross)
  • 2009 FIS World Cup Standings, 3rd (snowboardcross)
  • 2007 FIS World Cup Standings, 5th (snowboardcross)

Besides being an Olympic Snowboarder, Nick is a 'Stock Truck' racer along with a bunch of other hobbies, including and not limited too...

  • Demolition Derbies
  • Football
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Mountain Boarding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Golfing
  • Softball
  • Wakeboarding

Is there anything this guy doesn't do? Oh yea, and did I tell you he is a Dad? That's right, his son Landon must be incredibly proud of his Dad!

I can't wait to see Nick on the world stage again, and hopefully win a few metals while he is there!

Watch Nick Baumgartner Win At The Winter X Games


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