There was a time when the DooDah parade was really fun. It's still fun, but it's not what it was when at least a half dozen entries were able to make you laugh out loud. Well, that's going to change this Saturday.Kalamazoo's DooDah Parade entered middle age a while ago. (It is somewhere near 40, though like any card carrying 40 year old, there's some fudging as to the actual age. The memory gets fuzzy....)

But this year, KFR's Marshall and McGregor are going bring it back to what DooDah was its glory days. Funny, borderine bad taste, may even honk some folks off. But that's what DooDah has always been. Think back to the early days of the parade, and WKMI's Lori Moore and Robin Hook. And who doesn't believe what we really need right now is a good laugh?

Benson Doodah Old Spice
Courtesy of the Dave Benson Archive

Super Saturday is no more. It's now the June Jubilee. There's no Greekfest. But there is a DooDah Parade. It will step off at 11am, and you are invited to come and, hopefully, laugh.


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