It's no surprise to the people that live in Michigan that we have some unique names for our cities. And there are several that people have a difficult time pronouncing (Ocqueoc, Grosse IIe, Kitch-iti-kipi). But one Michigan city was named one of the worst names for towns in the U.S.

The List of Strangest Town Names in U.S.

The FW recently published a list of what they titled 'Ding Dong: The Definitive List of The Oddest, Strangest and Downright Filthy Town Names In Every State'. A few of our favorites from around the country include Hopulikit, GA, Dick Shooter in Idaho, and Booger Branch, KY. But, what was most surprising was the Michigan city picked as having the strangest name.

Which Michigan City has the strangest name?

The Michigan city chosen as having the strangest name was Hell, MI. Which we have to admit is pretty strange having to tell people you live in 'Hell'. The F W says 'Hell isn't a popular place. Less than 300 people call Hell, Michigan home according to the latest census information.' And we're not sure whether Hell not being very popular in Michigan is a good or bad thing, but we're sure there are stranger city names in Michigan and here are just a few:

  1. Climax 
  2. Jugville 
  3. Slapneck 
  4. Colon 
  5. Podunk 
  6. Germfask 
  7. Tittabawassee Township 
  8. Bangor 
  9. Remus 
  10. Dick 
  11. Raisin Center 
  12. Dowagiac 

It's hard to choose just one as the weirdest from that list, but Tittabawassee Township might be the winner because it's not only weird, but it's a tongue twister to try to pronounce as well.

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The Definitive List of The Oddest, Strangest and Downright Filthy Town Names In Every State

We combed through list after list of the oddest, strangest and somewhat naughty-sounding town names in every state. From Smut Eye to Ding Dong, you can learn unbelievable facts about each of these towns below.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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