While living in a small city has its perks like less crowds and shorter commutes, there are some tradeoffs that come with a small town lifestyle too. We would like to think the entire state of Michigan is a great place to live, but according to a recent study, these small cities came up short in a few areas that made them fall to the bottom of the list of desirable places to live in the U.S.

Wallethub recently ranked over 1,300 small cities across America from best to worst. The methodology they used to determine their findings were based on affordability, safety, economy, physical health, and quality of life. Several Michigan cities made the list near the top and middle, but these five cities ranked the lowest:

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park landed in the 12th percentile (99th being the best) of the list and the city's lowest score came from the education and health category. It's highest score was in the affordability category.


Pontiac lacked in the Economic Health score and the city's highest score was in the Education and Health category. Pontiac landed in the 9th percentile on the list.


Burton scored well in the affordability category, but there was a major lack in the Education and Health category. The 5th percentile is where Burton can be found on the list.


Saginaw ranked well in the overall quality of life category, but the city scored low for its overall economic health. Saginaw landed in the 4th percentile.


The good news is that Flint scored well for overall quality of life, but unfortunately landed in the 2nd percentile on the list. Economic health had the lowest score of all the categories for the city.

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