Every state has town names that leave residents and visitors wondering who thought of those names and why. Ohio has several towns with odd names; to make matters worse, they can also be hard to pronounce. A recent list of the worst town names across the country has us wondering if this town name is the worst in the Buckeye state.


Ohio Town Name Ranked Worst In The State

The FW recently compiled "The Definitive List of The Oddest, Strangest and Downright Filthy Town Names In Every State." While scrolling through the list to get to Ohio, some of our favorites from other states include Dick Shooter in Idaho, Big Baldy Mountain in Montana, and Buttzville in New Jersey. But, what was most surprising was the Ohio town name picked as having the strangest name.

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Worst Town Names In Ohio

According to The FW, their pick for the worst town name in Ohio is Knockemstiff, one of the most unusual town names in the entire state. A couple of stories claim to explain how the town got its name, the first involving a fight that broke out when the community was just being established. A second story says a woman asked the local priest for advice during a Sunday service because her husband was cheating on her. His response: Knock 'em stiff.

Other names that could have made the list:

  • Jelloway
  • Blue Ball
  • Celeryville
  • Lickskillet
  • Center of the World
  • Roundhead
  • Bangs
  • Dadsville
  • Dull Station
  • Kinnikinnick

The Definitive List of The Oddest, Strangest and Downright Filthy Town Names In Every State

We combed through list after list of the oddest, strangest and somewhat naughty-sounding town names in every state. From Smut Eye to Ding Dong, you can learn unbelievable facts about each of these towns below.

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