If your first assumption after hearing that there was a fire in my apartment building is that I was somehow involved, I wouldn't blame you. After all, I'm the new Kzoo resident straight from Florida with no knowledge of how to deal with the cold. And it WAS a chilly night. But, it wasn't me!

It was Friday night around 10pm. I was just getting ready to go to bed (welcome to the exciting life of a morning radio personality 😆) when the fire alarm sounded. At this point, it was about 43 degrees out so, the kind human that he is, my significant other went to investigate if this was a serious situation or if I could stay comfortable and cozy. He returned 10 minutes later informing me that he saw some smoke but that the fire department seemed to have it under control. Or, so we thought.

Fire 2

Not even 5 minutes later a furious knock came at the door informing us that it was a working fire and everyone had to evacuate. I scooped up our cat and headed down to the car where we watched firefighters run in and out of a single apartment for the next 2 hours. Thankfully, the fire did not spread and we were able to return to our apartments safely and go back to bed. Now, I've lived in apartments for a good part of my life and this is the very first time a fire alarm has been legitimate. What a way to be welcomed to Kalamazoo. 😂

I've yet to find an official cause of the fire listed by any agency however, we did spot a charred mattress and box spring next to the sidewalk the following morning. Coincidence? #dontsmokeinbed

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