We've seen all sorts of crazy things happen over the past year and a half. A pandemic that's shut everything down, marijuana becoming more and more legal, magic mushrooms decriminalized in Ann Arbor, and now one Michigan county is taking a stand for those who perform consensual sex work. Now here's the thing, it's something we all think about in the privacy of our minds, but when someone gets caught we act like they're an awful person, or slam people in the news as if we don't all go through the motions in our mind of having wants.

The fact is it's none of anyone's business how a person makes their money as long as nobody is getting hurt, and to be honest, there's no shame in it and we need to start normalizing that. Washtenaw County's new prosecutor Eli Savit just announced he would no longer charge criminal cases involving marijuana, "magic" mushrooms, and will now no longer issue criminal charges relating to sex work.

Prosecutor Savit does not believe the decriminalization will lead to higher risks as stated in the Policy Directive:

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office is well aware that sex work carries an increased risk for violence, human trafficking, and coercion. Data and experience, however, have shown that criminalizing sex work does little to alleviate those harms. Indeed (as outlined in further detail below) the criminalization of sex work actually increases the risk of sex work-adjacent harm.

The majority of people, and I say males from what I've personally experienced, who have a problem with this are cis men, who are both infatuated and obsessed with them, yet despise and degrade them. Look in any feed on Facebook of a woman showing body positivity or being flagrant with their body, and all the sudden it turns into an online stoning. The end of discrimination towards sex workers needs to happen. This is the world we live in now, so you better get used to tolerating it.

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