Wow, what a time to be alive. Ann Arbor has always been an incredibly progressive place to live, going back to the 70's when they were the first to decriminalize marijuana. John Sinclair was almost a martyr for the time and the cause. But who's gonna take the fall now? I guess I'll take one for the team. *Gulp* Anyway, Ann Arbor City Council members like Anne Bannister, believe that the decriminalization of drugs like mescaline, peyote and psilocybin mushrooms are a much smarter option for the occasional user, according to Local 4, saying:

They are non-addictive chemicals. They are healthier than many of our pharmaceuticals people can fill their bodies with for years for treatment resistant anxiety. The chief of police told us it’s already a very low enforcement priority. They have very little trouble in this area with people.

Is it just me or is everything getting a little iridescent? It's like my hands are moving but my mind is pushing all the buttons. So like, the Council voted 11-0 which is the most insane number combination I've ever seen, saying Ann Arbor police should just, chill man. And like, dig, does this computer have a face in it or is it just my reflection? Oh ya, this dude from the Michigan Psychedelic Society, Michael Williams, also was saying something to someone like "It’s got a lot of potential for personal well-being, as well as its indigenous spiritual uses, and it’s helped bring me from a very atheistic view to a spiritual view."

He's always saying crazy stuff man. Sorry that was my hand talking again. The guy's super smart actually. I'm gonna go lay in that big soft taco shell over there and just mellow out and think about these crazy changes.

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