$87,500 a year to drive a truck? That's quite a chunk of money. It would pay off a lot of bills, not to mention student debt. Walmart says it's looking to hire 900 truck drivers and that's the average pay.

According to reports, there's an industry-wide shortage of truck drivers, and Walmart being one of America's leading retailers, needs to keep the supply chain moving and stocked.

“Truck drivers are a critical part of our team here at Walmart and have been since Sam Walton started the private truck fleet in the 1970s,” said Greg Smith, executive vice president of Walmart U.S. Supply Chain. “Our professional drivers are part of what makes Walmart so special. This wage increase reflects the importance of our private fleet and our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best drivers in the industry.” - Walmart release

The wage increase Smith is talking about was announced this past week.

Beginning in February drivers will receive a per mile increase of $0.01 and a 50-cent increase in activity pay for arrive and arrive/drop occurrences. That means Walmart drivers will now be paid up to $1 every time they arrive at their destination and drop a trailer. With this increase, Walmart drivers can earn an average of $87,500 in their first year of employment with an all-in rate of nearly 89 cents per mile. - Walmart release