An Indianapolis body shop flips a customer's car and then ghosts her.

A truly shocking video of a body shop owner allegedly totaling a customer's car after taking it on a joy ride has gone crazy viral on social media. Aeisha Anwar Finkton took her beautiful 2018 Infiniti Q50 to a body shop in Indianapolis for some minor bodywork.  Since Blake, the owner of 100 Keys Garage, LLC gave her a $500 quote and said her car would be ready in two days, she went with his business instead of a local Infiniti dealership.  Finkton could not have known that she would never drive that car again after dropping it off at the body shop.

Luckily, an owner of buildings in that business complex caught the accident on his ring camera.  The footage is intense.  If you can't see the Facebook video below click here.

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After two days went by, Finkton contacted 100 Keys Garage to pick her car up.  She was ignored for weeks.  The body shop customer explained in a recent Instagram post that 100 Keys Garage didn't respond to her about the status of her car until she threatened to contact the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau,

That's when he finally let me know there had been an accident with my car and that I was able to come pick it up in a few days.

After that, the body shop stopped all communications with the customer.  There will likely be a lawsuit in the near future.  For now, Finkton's insurance company has taken care of the totaled Infiniti and in the IG post she uploaded on November 2nd, she said she will be getting a ride soon.

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