Take a look at these pictures, above and below. It's a touchdown celebration above, and the only below is from the Western Michigan- University of Michigan game in 2009. (Do you see yourself?) You may not see that kind of celebration (in the crowd), in fact, any kind of celebration, for a while, if ever again.

Western Michigan v Michigan
A general view of Michigan Stadium during the third quarter as Western Michigan Broncos plays the Michigan Wolverines on September 5, 2009 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Michigan won the game 31-7. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The University of Michigan Athletics Department announced yesterday that if, and that's a giant "if", if there is football played this fall at Michigan Stadium, it will be played with either no fans in attendance, or a limited amount of them.

As the Detroit News points out, if the game were to be played today, you couldn't have fans, as Governor Gretchen Whitmer's state of emergency extension goes through August 11th.

But schools have to make plans for all sorts of contingencies, and the current plan in Ann Arbor is to limit tickets sales for this upcoming season to only students and season ticket holders. There will be no tickets sales to the general public.

But don't be surprised if there are no fans allowed in at all. Take a look around the country at the hot spot outbreaks in just the past month or so. And that's just a few hundred people in places like bars. Michigan has drawn a crowd of in excess of 115,000.

I think most fans would be happy to just see games. But seeing the problems that the pro leagues trying to re-start are facing right now, it appears to be a Herculean task, given that football rosters are twice as big as a baseball or hockey team's.

And  here's something else to make you scratch your head. ESPN says it wasn't to continue it's College Game Day show. In an age of social distancing? Hmmm.

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