Miss Alabama said good-bye to two Michigan men last night

Season 15 of the ABC hit 'The Bachelorette' kicked off last night with two very eligible bachelors from Michigan, Chasen and Thomas.

ABC reported that according to 27-year-old pilot from Ann Arbor Chasen...

Women always love a man in uniform, so naturally, he became a commercial airline pilot. Chasen is a soft-spoken charmer who refers to himself as the "forever wingman" pun intended. Now, he's ready to spread his wings and find the love of his life, hopefully in Hannah.

ABC gave us a little insight into who Thomas, a 27-year-old pro basketball player from Detroit  is...

Before Thomas was a national recruiter for big energy business, he was an international basketball star. He played overseas for a year but is happy to now have settled in Michigan where his family still lives. Thomas says the person he loves most in the world is his mother because she cares for him like no one else can.

Well, Thomas was not wrong about his mother caring for him like no one else can because both he and Chasen were kicked off 'The Bachelorette'. It is Miss Alabama's loss because these Michigan guys are the cream of the crop!

Twenty-two other bachelors did receive roses from Hannah Brown (Miss Alabama) and will move on to compete for her heart.

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