Don't let security lines keep you away from warm weather, here are a few travel tips

Now is the perfect time to escape this cold weather we have been experiencing in not only Michigan but the mid-west. So, maybe you have booked a fabulous trip to California or Cancun and you can hardly wait to travel yet there is one thing you are dreading...the security  lines at the airport. I've got a couple of ideas to help you out!


Bringing water bottles through security is a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you need to dispose of packaged water and then purchase another bottle at the newsstand inside the terminal. These new bottles folds up when empty and clips to carry-on bags, leaving your hands free. After you get through security, you can refill it at a water fountain without having to wait in line at a kiosk.


There’s always something vaguely disconcerting about undoing a belt in front of a group of strangers. You can skip this step entirely by opting for a metal-free belt. If a belt is made of nylon and plastic, which won't set off any scanners


Struggle with getting your laced sneakers on and off at the checkpoint? Opt for slip-ons. A great slip on tennis shoe would be awesome because you can stay comfortable!


Find a leak proof bag (make-up) that id 1 quart in volume, and the refillable bottles that come with it are each the required 3.4 ounces. Make sure it’s also clear, so security agents can quickly examine its contents, and easy to seal and unseal if TSA agents want to take a closer look.


As you go through security, TSA agents and airline personnel want to see your photo identification, ticket, and passport, and having all of them assembled in one place will keep you from fumbling when you get to the front of the line.

Those are just some of the great tips for making your dream vacation even dreamer thanks to Mental Floss! Oh, and happy travels to you!


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