I'm afraid of spiders, some people are scared of bridges-- we all have our things!

Those who suffer from Gephyrophobia have a fear of bridges or tunnels. I'm sure we all know someone who goes through great lengths to hold their breath, roll down windows, or simply close their eyes for the duration of the crossing. But what about when it comes to crossing the bridge in Michigan?

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Currently Michigan has, "the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world"; It's referred to as the "Mighty Mac" for a reason!

When it comes to a fear of crossing the Mackinac Bridge holding your breath is next to impossible. I bet that 5 minute drive feels like an eternity!


But did you realize there's a lesser known, but still very necessary, service that is offered to those who feel uneasy about driving across the Mackinac Bridge? Says the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) website,

Drivers who do not feel comfortable driving across the Mackinac Bridge can have staff from the Mackinac Bridge drive their vehicle

Yes, Really!

In order for MBA staff to drive your vehicle you must sign a liability waiver and agree to certain terms of service, including allowing the staff driver to adjust your mirrors, restraining any animals that are in your vehicle, and ensuring the inside of your vehicle is clean.

The MBA staff will also use a dash cam to record the inside of your vehicle during crossing. All fair and standard practices to ensure everyone's safety, in my opinion!

Does It Cost Extra?

Yes. The cost for this service is $10, in addition to the appropriate toll fare for your vehicle. Also, because travelers are required to cross the bridge in a vehicle, a similar service is offered for $15 for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Seems like a fair price to pay to avoid the anxiety of driving over the Mackinac Bridge yourself! Just for fun I searched to see if similar services are offered on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge-- they are not.

How to Request a Ride

To request this service on the north side of the bridge, simply stop inside the administration building. If you're on the south side of the bridge the MBA asks that you,

Pull over on the wide shoulder just north of exit 339 near the booth and call Bridge Services to request this service.


I can't imagine being so afraid of bridges that I miss out on all the breathtaking beauty and splendor of the Upper Peninsula-- and thankfully, no one has to!

Find more details on this service here.

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