Word on the street is that this is one of the hottest Halloween costumes this year

Early in the evening I stepped outside of my Townhouse to grab something from my car. One of the young neighborhood kids was pulling up with his Mom, and informed me that a dinosaur was walking down our street. I told him that he must be pulling my leg until I turned around  and saw a dinosaur (and yes, of course I took a photo) walking down our street.

Turns out a neighbor had just gotten his Halloween costume and was talking it out for a test run. That got me thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween. I just could not think of anything so I jumped onto the website Savantmag.com and found out what the top 10 hottest Halloween costumes for this year are.

10. Women’s Ghostbusters Costume

It would be cool to see a lady sporting the Ghostbusters garb!

 9. Where’s Waldo 

Another great classic!


8. Despicable Me 2 Minion Costume

I have seen these over the years, and it is still adorable!


7. Star Wars The Force Awakens Adult Costume

This is a no brainier, any costume from the Star Wars will be a killer hit on Halloween.


6.  Wonder Woman T-Shirt With Cape And Headband

For the modest Super Hero, this one is super cute.


5. Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume

Soon to become a classic, this costume is not PG-13, it leans more towards R rated.


4. Classic Muscle Chest Deadpool Costume

A Deadpool costume isn’t exactly common and yet, it is one of the coolest costumes you can wear.


3. Men’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume 

Just as a heads up, someone in the Kalamazoo area already owns this one and is planning on wearing it.

This particular costume fits a 42 to 44-inch jacket size with a 34 to 36-inch waist, more than enough for any adult. Given its size, this costume requires that you inflate it before putting it on, which kind of makes sense given the fact that it is 3.5′ tall. For convenience, it also comes with a battery operated fan to keep you cool inside the costume


2. Gorilla Costume

Like the name suggests, it is a gorilla costume which should be pretty self-explanatory.


1.Horse Head Mask

These horse masks are all the rage nowadays and understandably so given how unusual they are. As a matter of fact, they are so unusual that they usually act as a great conversation piece.

After seeing all the costumes, I am still at a loss for what I want to be for Halloween...maybe a clown...


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