Trick or treating is the part of Halloween that all the children and even some adults look forward to the most. Some adults do still go out trick or treating and others love seeing the joy on kids' faces as they chat about their costumes and drop boatloads of candy into their buckets. The spirit of Halloween is all over but it's not celebrated the same way by everyone.

A Reddit post that was made on the Kalamazoo Reddit subpage made by a user (/u/corpusnouctumm) which you can see below explains how he just moved to Kalamazoo from Ohio and was asking about how we handle Halloween up here in the Mitten state. He referenced an app called "Nextdoor" that would have city plans about trick or treating but that's obviously a foreign concept to us. Some of the cities around Kalamazoo trick or treat and here's how to plan your trick-or-treating night.

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This sparked some responses to let him know that, we had no clue what the Nextdoor app is and that things are pretty simple around our neck of the woods. There was a link dropped to a website that had some basic rules and happenings for Halloween night/weekend so that the kids can enjoy themselves but also be as safe as possible.


The rules that have been put out are just some very basic things to keep in mind to keep the holiday fun but also safe for everyone involved. Most of them deal with what the children may be wearing so that they are seen and safe.

Firstly, you have to dress for Michigan weather, and in October that could be any kind of seasonal weather so be prepared. The second is to wear comfy footwear so you can walk for long distances and glow sticks or flashlights so you can stay visible when it's dark out. Lastly, older kids should check in every so often to assure their safety with their parents and trick-or-treating safety should be discussed among all parents and children.

Treat Time

Now some areas around Kalamazoo have designated times when the activities are taking place. Most places have trunk or treats, costume parties/contests, haunted attractions, and more leading up to the big day, but what's going on then? As the kids zip up their costumes, grab jackets and buckets, and sprint out the door, they need to know where to go and what time to go.

Both Mattawan and Vicksburg have trick-or-treating on the 31st from 5 pm to 8 pm while Three Rivers and Lawton are from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, and Schoolcraft is the last one with a timed trick-or-treat from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Every other city or town within the Kalamazoo area does not have a designated time for trick or treating on Halloween night.

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