A man with a knife breaks into a home and you'll never guess what he demands.

This was a really strange story that I just had to share. A man was asleep in his home on the couch when he was awakened around 2:30am by an intruder holding a knife demanding that the guy smoke weed with him.

The HuffPost.com reports...

According to police, the victim managed to stall the forced pot-smoking until the attacker put the knife down. At that point, the victim grabbed the weapon and ran to the next home, where he banged on the door.

Luckily the police arrested him before he could get into another home after a neighbor called 911 in fear that their house might be next. An interesting fact about this story is that the two men were neighbors but didn't know each other. I guess if I were to learn a lesson from this, it would be to know who you're living next to.

What would you do if this happened to you? If it was me, I'm not sure how I would react in the situation but I'd love to hear what you might do.

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