The number one reason I hear people give for why they don't like cats is, "They're just so standoffish. I need an animal that loves to cuddle."

Well, let me tell you...if there ever existed a cat that is the complete opposite of standoffish it's Dunkin.

Dunkin is an 8 month old kitten who is the MOST loving cat I have ever encountered (and I'm a cat person so that's saying a lot). He was adopted as a baby and later returned to the shelter. Unfortunately, shelters across the country are seeing a rise of animals that were adopted during the pandemic being surrendered now that things are getting back to normal. It's heartbreaking.

Dunkin would do well in any home. Dogs, cats, you, the first person that walks into your home...Dunkin will a best friend to all.

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Shoutout to Dana for helping me snag this adorable photo. And if you want to see just how cuddly Dunkin is check out our Facebook Live from this morning when we had him in studio.


And here's the exact moment he spotted a bird outside our window:

Dunkin 2

Dunkin is up to date on his vaccines and ready for his forever home! Remember, if you rent your home make sure to bring a copy of your lease and if you have other pets in the home a meet and greet is always recommended first. Get all the information you need on the SPCA of SW Michigan's website.

Other ways to help:

We talk about fostering and volunteering frequently because it is always needed. However, there are other ways you can help. Including attending events!

The SPCA of SW Michigan is having a fundraiser of sorts in partnership with the Growlers where a portion of every ticket sold for the June 12th baseball game will go back to the SPCA of SW Michigan. See more information here.

As well, if you are interested in volunteering or fostering you can contact the shelter here to find out more about those opportunities.

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