Getting sick is the worst, right? Even before Covid it was just so inconvenient. As an adult, you have to try to schedule your doctors appointment, try to get your shift covered at's exhausting just typing this. But, its even worse when your kids get sick. Or, so I've been told. And why does it always seem to happen when the doctors offices are closed? That's when you start to miss the "old days" when doctors would come straight to your house.

As it turns out, there's a pediatrician in Kalamazoo that's doing just that. According to Kzoo Kids, Dr. Kelli Collins offers a kind of urgent care alternative for your child. The goal with her business, named Calling Dr. Collins Pediatric Housecalls, is to keep your child as comfortable as possible while undergoing their examination. Her schedule even includes nights and weekends.

For appointments you can book online on her website or by giving her a call or text at 269-431-0880. Obviously, Covid is still a big concern so she'll show up in full PPE and can adjust the examination to best fit your comfort level. That includes conducting the appointment outside or on the front porch if necessary.

I wonder what it would take to convince her to also treat adults. I loathe going to the doctor...but if I could stay comfortable on my might not be such a bad thing.

Dr. Collins covers all of Kalamazoo County. You can find details on cost, options for appointment times, and all the other information that you need on her website.

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