How Many Local Gyms Will Survive?
The Battle Creek Family YMCA is not unlike most other public health and fitness facilities across Michigan. It’s faced a year and a half of rigid shutdowns and restrictions imposed by the state due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. But there is one key difference with many others. It is still o…
The Latest COVID-19 Variant Shows Up in SW MI
The Barry Eaton District Health Department is now confirming attachment-at least one case verified in Barry County. And since testing for this one is a bit different than what is typically done, the department says there are likely other cases in the area that just haven’t been pinpointed ye…
Pfizer Is Now Developing A COVID-19 Pill
Pfizer scientists say it’s not enough to work at prevention through vaccination. It's also important to be able to tackle the virus once it gains a foothold in the human body. That’s where the new anti-virus pill comes into play.

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