No. No. No. I don't want winter weather. I'll take this 90 plus degree weather anytime. But, since I'm indoors with the air on, I can comfortably contemplate exactly what I do miss about "that" time of year.

There are three things. Some years two things, but this year three.

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The obvious one is Christmas, which comes just four days after the official start of winter. Christmas is all about family. Love it. Had the stress surrounding it, but love getting together with the people I love.

Number 2: I love outdoor hockey. Now, it might just be I love it, because I watch it from a warm living room. I'll give you that, but when it's snowing, or when it's a famous stadium, it's just so cool. A buddy was at the Big House when the Red Wings hosted the Maple Leafs. Snow, cold. That just screams hockey. And fun.

Now, if you're a Lions fan, number three might be hard to relate to. This is similar to number two. December and January mean football. And this year, my team, 'da Bears,  are supposed to be good. Heck, they could've been in the big game last season except for a double doink kick. Most meaningful football games are played after Thanksgiving, and even more after Christmas.

Detroit Lions at Ford Field
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