If cats actually had nine lives, this little guy has already gone through a few of them.

This is Doughnut. Given his tiny size you may be surprised to learn that he's already 3 months old. Doughnut has had a rough life so far. He was born premature and is the only surviving member of his litter. He almost didn't make it but, thankfully, here he is.

Because he had to be bottle fed as a newborn he is VERY comfortable being handled by humans. As soon as I picked him up he made himself at home chilling on my chest 😂:

attachment-Doughnut 2

You can see just how SMALL this little boy is:

attachment-Doughnut 3

Doughnut is up to date on shots and ready to be adopted! If you're interested stop by the SPCA of SW Michigan or contact them here.

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I'd like to, for a moment, talk about fostering. I've mentioned it in previous articles about our Dog Days guests but Doughnut is proof of how important it is. At the beginning of his life, which was difficult, he was fostered by multiple people who were able to keep him at their home. That gave him a calm environment where he could heal. At the same time he was able to socialize with people and other animals which makes him that much more adoptable.

Fostering animals is just as important as finding them their forever homes. In fact, in a lot of cases is the essential step between them arriving at the shelter and being adopted. Food and medical costs are covered while you're fostering the animal. If you have any interest in fostering or volunteering you can find more information here.

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