These vintage Kalamazoo newspapers ads from 1975 may have you wishing you could travel back in time.

On many occasions, conversations with friends have veered towards wishing for the 'good ole days' when life felt simpler and we didn't have all of these darn adult responsibilities. Okay, so the conversations are mostly about wishing we didn't have to shell out most of the money we make for bills but still...I think that falls under "simpler" times.

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Brandon Haag recently posted photos in the private Facebook group, Vanished Kalamazoo, of a newspaper he found while sifting through some of his father's old things. I reached out to Brandon to ask if I could use the 3 photos he had posted. Not only did he say yes, but he sent me more photos of this glimpse into the past. (If you're reading this, Brandon, thank you!)

Plenty of people commented on the prices that were listed for a variety of things with most noting how cheap everything was back then. And yes, you do have to account for the change in salaries, cost of living and more while you fantasize about paying this LITTLE for buying a house. But, it's doesn't prevent my urge to somehow figure out how to build a time machine so I could finally save a few bucks.

Paying nearly $1100 a month for a 2/2 apartment may seem like the norm now, but you have to see these prices from 1975.

Vintage Newspaper Reveals How "Cheap" Things Used to Be in Kalamazoo

A resurfaced newspaper from 1975 shows just how "inexpensive" things were in Kalamazoo back in the day. Can you imagine if we still had these prices??

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