Something old will soon be new again in Detroit traveled the world and discovered the 60 most beautiful abandoned places. The old Detroit train (and in later years bus) station ranked 29th on their list. Located in the heart of Detroit, near Cork Town, the building still stands.

This rail station was built in 1913 but before its completion, it was put into use.  At the beginning of World War I, there were more than 200 trains leaving the station each day.  By World War II, it was used mostly by military troops and then eventually decreased significantly as people began using automobiles more and more.  In 1988, it closed completely and since that time, many discussions have transpired between the owners and city officials trying to make a decision on how to best utilize the building.  After making some renovations by the owners, eventually, Ford Motor Company took ownership of it in 2018 with big plans for using the building, which includes its autonomous vehicle development.

I remember as a kid my parents taking my brother and I by train to Kalamazoo to visit my Aunt and Uncle. I recall being in awe as we walked through this mystic building...gilded high ceilings, marble felt so small, as if you were Alice in Wonderland, seeing the beauty for the first time, but that was long ago. Now the building has been robbed blind and graffiti coats the walls rather then gold.

Good news through, it is not the end for the old train station!

The Ford Motor Company has bought the old station and plans on restoring the old building into an amazing work space for the company. According to

About 2,500 company employees, the majority from its mobility team, will work in the renovated building and surrounding area where Ford has bought additional land and properties, including the Detroit Public Schools Book Depository and a former factory. Projects will range from parking experiments to public transit projects — a once unthinkable business move for a company that subsists on the profits of its trucks and SUVs. Imagine a train that shuttles workers between Ford campuses in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Detroit.

I can't wait to see how awesome this venture turns out to be. Plus, this landmark of Detroit will be off the '60 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places'.

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