If you watched Patrick Mahomes lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the AFC title game Sunday, you saw one amazing leader and athlete. His touchdown run at the end of the first half is evidence of that. And given his genes (his dad, Pat, was a major league relief pitcher) and athleticism, it's no surprise he played more than one sport growing up. And Mahomes was good enough to be drafted by a major league baseball team. And he was. The Detroit Tigers selected him late in the 2014 MLB draft. And it's no slight that he was selected that low, as the teams could see he was headed for a football career.

Then this morning, I woke to Peter King's Football Morning in America column, which pointed out the above tweet.

The real gnashing of teeth is happening to the west, in Chicago, where Bear fans are rueing the team picking Mitchell Trubisky and passing on Mahomes (and DeSean Watson) three years ago.

But if you need something to rue, go with this thought: All thirty-two NFL teams passed on Tom Brady five times in the 2000 NFL Draft..

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