WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

In a secluded, undisclosed Michigan location, an old mansion sits decaying in the woods.

Ruin Road, youtube
Ruin Road, youtube

When you see it from the outside, it seems like this place was super awesome a long time ago, but not anymore. People who have taken videos of it call it an "Art Deco" mansion, and it's hidden in the woods.

Abandoned Mansion In The Woods


Unveiling the Decaying Mansion Concealed Among the Woods

In the backyard, a dilapidated shed sits; filled with clutter like an old TV, a falling-apart dollhouse, walls torn apart, decaying chairs, and old worn-out mattresses. It even has a spiral staircase- but to where will it lead?  Creepily, it's connected to the basement.

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The first floor is crumbled and deteriorated to an extreme…how did it get this bad? There are some really bad leaks, and clothes still hanging in closets…even the stairs are creepy. The bathroom, now moldy dirty, and green with fungus, looks like it must have been pretty elegant at one time. For a once-majestic home, it’s just plain ramshackle and creepy now.

The videographers get spooked when they hear something rustling outside in the woods. They don’t find out what it was( maybe that is a good thing?), feel free to use your own imagination.  I am spooked and don't want to go here.

Just down the road, they found another abandoned house. This time, it appears to be an old farmhouse, and not as elegant as the first. It’s sitting alone nestled in the woods with a door cracked open, as if it’s daring you to come in. The inside looks like some kind of renovation was attempted but never completed. The stairway to the second floor is one of those narrow, steep ones that your grandparents usually fall down.

The area is all overgrown, with fireflies bouncing all around, as you’ll see in the video way at the end of the galleries. This is definitely one of the more interesting abandoned explorations.

See the video walkthrough here:


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