Is there anything more romantic than tea for two?

When looking for a quiet space to romance your sweetheart this Valentines Day, you may just find yourself at Chocolatea in Portage.

This place has everything that is sweet and romantic (the perfect combination for Valentines Day)! boasts...

At ChocolaTea, we are known for our creative seasonal drinks and treats. Here are just a few of our favorites to keep you warm as we brave the winter weather:

  • The PBL - Peanut butter hot chocolate and espresso with steamed milk and topped with whipped cream. PB lovers, this one's for you!
  • Horchata Latte - This drink is perfect by the fire - whether real or playing on your screen! A yummy chestnut black tea is stirred into steamed milk with praline syrup. Yum!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Tea Latte - Our delicious Chocola-tea brewed fresh and jazzed up with steamed milk and cake batter flavor. A cookie in a cup!

If that is not enough to intrigue you, check out this...

ChocolaTea is locally owned and is, above all, a family business. Our owner, founder and Queen of Tea, Polly Kragt, has always had a life-long dream of opening her own tea store. In October of 2008 that dream became a reality. She loves to educate people about tea, whether they are daily drinkers or taking their first sip.

How wonderful to sip a cup of tea created out of a lifelong dream while you are with your dream boat.

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