Target makes it easy and convenient for residents in Michigan and Ohio to get our daily essentials like clothes and toiletries and some offer groceries all in one spot. Some might say they make it too easy and convenient to grab everything we need and maybe, even more, we don't 'need'. And now Target is giving residents in Michigan and Ohio even more reasons to go in for one item and walk out with 20.

Target Quarterly Sales Down Amid Backlash Over Pride Month Products
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Target Announces Changes Coming Soon To MI and OH Stores

Target recently announced that customers will find their new product line called dealworthy on their store shelves. Dealworthy prices start at less than $1, with most items under $10 on nearly 400 everyday items. And now Target has announced a new way for customers to save and we'll be able to have full access soon.

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Black Friday At Target Dadeland South In Miami
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Target is introducing its new Target Circle program. The retailer will now offer a paid membership program called Circle 360. According to the retailer's website, the program will cost $99 per year. However when the program launces there will be an introductory price available for new members for $49. Circle 360 offers members same-day delivery, delivered in as little as an hour with no delivery fees. Members will also gain access to free 2-day shipping and the ability to deliver to your door or someone else’s. It's also upgrading its free Circle rewards program. Deals will now be automatically applied to a shopper's cart at checkout, so they no longer have to search for and add offers. The new Target Circle launches on April 7th.

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