When I was a kid the last thing I wanted was lame presents. Literally, my whole childhood was filled with the excitement of new toys. I don't have the numbers but I feel like when I was a kid we had the largest boom of toy production in our countries' history. That may explain why all we wanted was toys, there were so many of them. This was way before the development of PS or XBOX, we were old school like that. Sure, we wanted the Nintendo 64 or even the Sega if you wanna go back that far. But there was always a want for things that would keep you entertained.

Now, this year I could barely muster up anything fun. Being 32, there isn't much "fun" stuff you can get for Christmas short of revealing how much of a nerd you are to your family. I started thinking about things I really need and laughed. It's basically everything I never wanted or had no use for as a kid. Here is what I'll gladly take as an adult:

1. Underwear- Listen, this may be TMI but I seem to fly through underwear lately. Simple fabric can only withstand so much gurthiness. I will gladly take a package of boxer briefs under the tree. I have no shame, clearly.

2. Socks- Why is it so hard to keep track of where these things go? These are one of those buys that are inconvenient but very necessary. If you get me a pack of 10 pairs of socks then I know you truly love me.

3. Bed Sheets/ Comforter- Um, yes. When I was a kid I didn't have the appreciation for big, fluffy and warm comforters with clean sheets that I do now. I recently got one of these for a housewarming gift and I couldn't be any more happy with that gift selection.

4. Plunger & Toilet Bowl Scrubber- Hey, it isn't the prettiest of gifts but it gets the job done. Being without these very necessary household items makes you feel like a hermit. A disgusting hermit. They're super cheap and I need em.

5. Kitty Litter-  Now I know this isn't something I could use but Trooper will be appreciative.  So will I. Good Kitty litter isn't cheap and he flies through the stuff. So from both of us, I'd be super happy to get this.

6. Winter Gloves/Hat- 8-Year-old me: Really? This is one of my gifts? Okay... I'll use em. 32 Year Old Me: OMG yes, thank you! Seriously, I appreciated the gift of warmth as a kid but today it's so crucial to my winter happiness. I love hats and gloves so just throw em' at me.

7. Pajamas- Was there a worse gift as a kid as pajamas? Maybe it's because I was a boy. But now when I get home from work, if I'm not going out for the rest of the day...it's pajama time. Those super crucial thick fleece pants are a blessing on a cold day. I already have Family Guy and Avengers, I just need some South Park ones.

8. Disposable Digital Camera- Back when we were growing up before iPhones, digital cameras were the hot new thing teens wanted. I remember getting a disposable wannabe digital camera from Walmart wondering what third world country I was growing up in. I would totally have that thing today but instead ended up losing it. Guess I just sucked as a kid.


What were some of your most deplorable gifts you were given as a kid but would totally rock today? Let us know on Facebook.

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