EA sports has predicted the winner and it's been right NINE out of the last 12 years

Every year, EA Sports runs a simulated Super Bowl on the latest edition of "Madden".  And it's been right NINE of the last 12 years.

Last year, the game not only correctly predicted a Patriots win over the Seahawks, but it also nailed the final score, 28-to-24.  It also predicted that Tom Brady would be MVP with 335 yards and 4 touchdowns, just 7 yards off the actual outcome.  AND it even called Julian Edelman's winning touchdown.

But the year before it was COMPLETELY wrong.  "Madden" predicted that the Broncos would beat the Seahawks in overtime but in reality, the Seahawks destroyed the Broncos 43-to-8.

This year, "Madden" predicts that the Panthers will knock off the Broncos, by a score of 24-to-20, and that Cam Newton will win the Super Bowl MVP award.

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