What happened at this McDonald's is bonkers.  It's clear people are just looking for a reason to fight at this point.

Fast food restaurant employees have been working very hard for too little money for a long time now.  The very least we can do as customers is treat them with a little kindness.  Lately, that seems like a simple gesture of kindness is in fact, too much to ask.  What happened last Tuesday around 5 P.M. at the McDonald's on Chillicothe Road in Bainbridge Township, Ohio is a great example of this.

A woman arrived at the McDonald's drive-thru, picked up her $30 order, looked in the bag and lost her mind according to the police report obtained by cleveland.com,

She complained that her chicken sandwich was missing, then threw the bag back through the window at the worker before driving off.

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It's not ok to throw a fit like a child when your order is wrong.  However, the order wasn't wrong.  When the store manager opened the bag that was thrown at her, she found the chicken sandwich was in fact, in the bag.  The complete order was all right there.

Just two weeks ago we brought you the story of a woman who violently attacked employees over slushie flavors at a Cleveland McDonald's.

Fast Food Rage

There is such a high number of 'Fast Food Rage' stories lately.  It is truly disturbing.  Maybe we all just need way more sleep?

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