You will not believe the video footage of an Ohio woman violently attacking multiple McDonald's employees over slushie flavors.

In the viral video taken by a McDonald's customer Brian Allen, you can see the suspect, Cherysse Helena Cleveland absolutely lose her mind over the fact that McDonald's employees won't mix 3 flavors of slushie for her.  When I say lose her mind, I can not stress how quickly and violently this situation escalates.  Cleveland jumps behind the counter and punches two female employees in the face as she went on a curse filled rant about her slushie.  Warning: the video below contains bad language and violence.

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At one point in the video, Cleveland stops fighting long enough to attempt serving herself the multi-flavor slushie that she wanted.  Finally, employees get control of the angry customer.  Even that is incredibly violent.  A Cleveland TV Station, 19 News, zooms in on that moment in their news story of the violent McDonald's interaction in their recent news cast.  You can see that by clicking here.

The suspect was seen crying at her court appearance Tuesday.  The judge set a $1,000 bond and order her to stay away from that McDonald's and to have no contact with the people allegedly involved in this case.

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