Did it just get colder in here?

Spooky season wraps up this weekend and what better way to celebrate than by going on a ghost hunt?

Truth be told...I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts. It depends on the day, really. And I'm one of those people that always says, "Of course I'll go cage diving with sharks or skydiving or of course I'd spend the night in a haunted building." Would I actually have the courage? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. But, this Halloween there's a way for you to both go on a ghost hunt and remain safe in the comfort of your own bed.

Chicago based paranormal investigation group Urban Paranormal Experience, also know as UPX, is dedicating their Halloween night to investigating the possible haunting of the old jailhouse in Allegan. Now, I've only been in Michigan, well not even two months, but even I'VE heard that this place is haunted.

The Allegan Jail was shut down in 1963 and has since been turned into a museum. And aren't all museums haunted? As reported by Mlive.com, this isn't UPX's first trip to the ol' Allegan Jailhouse. Back in August the group visited the jailhouse and according to UPX's founder, William Weeden,

They picked up radio frequencies that sounded like words and received clear answers on yes or no questions with a dowsing rod. The group also filmed a light orb passing through me in the infirmary room that glitched my iPhone footage.

Need to see it for yourself? Me too. That's why Urban Paranormal Experience will be broadcasting their investigation live on both their Facebook and Instagram pages starting at 8pm this Saturday night. Will we get the proof we need? Maybe. Will it give us the thrill of a good scare? Hopefully. We, as humans, love being scared and that's science. It's the rush of adrenaline with endorphins that follow after. It's the feeling of flight or fight, the closeness we feel with those we're experiencing the fear with...at least that's what Psychology Today says.

While watching a live stream of a local paranormal investigation may not give us the same thrill of going through a haunted house or the enjoyment of "taxing" the kids' candy at the end of the night, it'll certainly be interesting. And at least I can hide under the covers if it gets too scary.

IF we happen to spot a ghost on the live stream it might not be all that surprising. After all, Michigan is actually one of the country's most haunted states. You can read more about that below.

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