The Midwest has a spine-tingling amount of ghost sightings compared the rest of the United States.

Apparently ghosts do not care if you live in a red or blue state.  Why would they?  They're not eligible to vote as far as we know.  However, there's a reason we see so many reports of haunted bars.  Ghosts are all about boos.  Dad jokes aside. recently pulled data on ghost sightings per state via and compared those numbers with state populations to come up with a list of the most haunted states in the U.S.  The numbers are surprising.  Below is the top 10 sorted by number of reported ghost sightings.  You can see the full list by clicking here.  You'll notice that once we get passed two very largely populated states it's almost all Midwest.

#1. Texas with 6,845 ghost sightings.
#2. California with 6,444 ghost sightings.
#3. Ohio with 2,555 ghost sightings.
#4. Michigan with 2,426 ghost sightings.
#5. Illinois with 2,151 ghost sightings.
#6. Indiana with 1,892 ghost sightings.
#7. Pennsylvania with 1,743 ghost sightings.
#8. Oklahoma with 1,715 ghost sightings.
#9. New York with 1,670 ghost sightings.
#10. Virginia with 1,655 ghost sightings.

The numbers tell a slightly different story if you break it down to ghost sightings per capita.  Then Oklahoma is #1 by a country mile with .0435% of the state's population reporting a ghost sighting.  Putting Indiana (.0283%) firmly at #2 followed by Michigan (.0243%) at #3.

If you want to see a ghost, go to Oklahoma or come to the Midwest.  We got you boo.

Have you ever seen a ghost?  Let us know in the comments.

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