Holy cannelloni. Was it was cloudy with a chance of meatballs Thursday evening in Steuben County, Indiana.

Maybe the truck driver realized that he drove right pasta his exit and made a sudden turn.  We're not sure what exactly happen to cause this delicious accident.  However, police believe he was going to fast around a curve and rolled over after over-correcting.

I am happy to report that no one was injured or pasta away in this accident.  The people stuck in traffic on U.S. 20 seemed to be more sore than the driver, Oleksandr Burdeinyi of Illinois according to WPTA21.com,

Burdeinyi wasn't hurt, but US 20 had to be shut down for about 2 hours while first responders cleaned up the crash scene.

It's not every day that you're involved in a semi ravioli-over.  This accident will be hard for the driver to forget.  However, this too shall pasta.  There's no word on if he was under the influence of recreational marinara.

I'm just having a little fun at this truck driver's expense.  I'm honestly glad he's ok.  I too have been in a rough car accident in Indiana.  Probably about an hour North of this accident.  Mine happened on Valentine's Day in 2015.  Unfortunately for me, it was a 50 car pile up in a blizzard and there was no spaghetti sauce.

Sorry, not sorry about all of the spaghetti puns.  I guess I was feeling a little saucy.

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